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We provide a wide range of services. It is up to you, what you need. If you do not find an offer that fits, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

Tastatur Nahaufnahme
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Image by Nejc Soklič


Let's meet up and discuss your ideas. We are open for every kind of request!
It is always advantageous to have a plan! That’s why we create a concept which includes your expectations, a story board and a shotlist.


We are fully equipped. Using lights, cameras, a drone, green screen and more, we are able to create a nice film set and collect some outstanding footage.


Cutting, audio optimization, text and logo animation, color correction! In postproduction everything is possible.

Skyline der Stadt
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That’s one of our specialties. Depending on your corporate philosophy, we will showoff your company and your products in a creative, classic or crazy way. You can use the image video for example for your website, social media or intern.


You are a production company? Let’s show the world what makes your products special and how to use them correctly. Or if you are going to launch some new creations,  let us produce some clips as introduction. Product videos are always a great marketing tool!


You want to explain a complex process in an easy way? No problem! It could be used as a guidance for your customers or employees which makes it way easier than to explain it to each and everyone in person.  Moreover it is advantageous to explain a matter with visual representation.

Image by Noiseporn
Digitale Social Media
Image by Tron Le


Videos say more than 1000 words. If you are organizing an event, for example a launching event, an award ceremony, a big party or festival, it is nice to have an after movie afterwards to keep these special memories alive.


Nowadays social media is one of the biggest marketing tools and for most of the companies a must have! Let’s create a nice feed with some extraordinary clips to keep your customers exited about your services and products.


Thanks to smartphones we can take pictures and videos all time. Most of them end in an archive and are not looked at anymore. So let us create after movies of your trips, parties, vacations or other events! That makes it easy to share your adventures with your family and friends.

Services: Dienstleistungen
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