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Hi there! We’re Jan and Lena, sharing the passion for producing videos.

It all started three years ago when we decided to make our first after movie of our vacation in Italy. We had so much fun finding the perfect spots or cool moves to show off in our finished video. It became tradition to make after movies of all our vacations. That’s why we thought - why shouldn’t we turn our new hobby into our profession? So we decided to start our own company and share our passion with others! 

We both did internships at another video production company where we learned a lot! When we worked there it was like an answer from the universe that we are moving in the right direction because we had so much fun. Now we built our own little office and are ready for action. 

If you are going to work with us - be prepared! We are very chilled, funny and love to so some crazy stuff too because nothing is impossible. But of course in a professional way… :) 

This is just the beginning and we are very excited for what and who is coming next. 

About us: Über mich
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